Meet Our Members

Meet Our 2012 New Members

We are pleased to welcome three new member organizations to Community Shares this year.

Living Arrangements for
the Developmentally Disabled

Living Arrancements for the Developmentally Disabled

LADD provides whatever service is necessary for a person with a developmental disability to realize their dreams and independence. LADD has always been about teaching people the skills needed to increase their independence in the areas of: housing, relationships, employment and residential services.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Services for the Ownership and Acquisition of Residences (SOAR):  Through this service, LADD assist people to become homeowners.  Results from 2010:  26 homeowners, all maintaining their homes; 34 people acquiring a rental subsidy voucher with our assistance.
  • Supported Employment:  This program assists people to choose, obtain and maintain employment. 
  • Community Connections:  This program helps people with disabilities to establish relationships and identify and explore their personal interests through participation in the community.  
  • Residential Programs:  This includes working with people living in their own home, two group homes and service enriched living. 


Specialized Alternatives for
Families and Youth (SAFY)

Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth

SAFY's primary service is to provide therapeutic foster homes and services to youth in the Cincinnati area.

SAFY's out-of-home foster care program is designed to provide a safe, caring environment for youth when they cannot safely remain with their primary family. The needs of the youth are met by therapeutic foster parents who are trained, supervised and supported by professional staff. 

The extensive training received by SAFY foster parents enables them to care for youth with an entire array of support needs -- from more traditional, low intensity needs, to youth with medium intensity needs, and including youth with intensive needs. This level of foster parent competency allows SAFY to place sibling groups in the same foster home even if their therapeutic needs differ greatly.

Community Shares' member organizations identify and address pressing concerns in Greater Cincinnati. They also empower those in need by providing a continuum of support.

Healthcare provision, job training, environmental advocacy, civil rights protection, and education are just some of the services our organizations offer in order to tackle systemic problems facing our region.

We invite you to learn more about Community Shares' member organizations via the member profiles. These profiles provide a short description, website and phone number for each organization and can be browsed as an alphabetical listing or by the services they provide.

Our member organizations have been divided into the following six categories, which reflect the programs and services they provide:

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Real Stories

Our member organizations make a real impact in the local community. The new UCAN clinic is preventing the euthanasia of thousands of dogs and cats annually. First Step home helps to keep families intact while helping women end their drug additions. Read about these successes and more in our Real Stories segment.