Real Stories

The dedicated individuals at our member organizations work tirelessly to improve our community. Below are a few examples of the positive results these efforts produced. These are the stories of some local people whose lives have been changed through contact with our member organizations. We rotate these stories regularly, so please visit this page again soon.

In the first six months of operation, the UCAN Spay/Neuter Clinic performed 3,000 surgeries. Based on reproductive capacity formulas constructed by the U.S. Humane Society, it is estimated that we have prevented the birth of 5.5 millions dogs and 20.2 million cats in our region over the next four years. That is over 25 million animals that may have gone homeless, become feral and/or further crowded already over-burdened public shelters, where the majority would have to be euthanized for lack of homes.

(The United Coalition for Animals (UCAN))

Pamela, an individual struggling with addiction issues, became a Drop Inn Center client, and, with the help of her advocate, was able to make a fresh start. Pamela began computer classes at the Cincinnati Art and Technology Center and received support in developing life skills such as housekeeping, personal hygiene, money management, and interviewing techniques. After only two months Pamela was able to move into transitional housing.

(Drop Inn Center)

One of ECO's primary goals is to hold polluters and the government accountable for their actions regarding environmental issues. This frequently takes staff and volunteers into the field to discuss concerns with community members. During one such excursion in Camp Washington, it was brought to ECO's attention that a nearby factory was pouring particulates onto residents' property, forcing one local family to keep their children indoors. ECO took this issue to City Hall resulting in the City of Cincinnati issuing a citation to the factory.

(ECO: Environmental Community Organization )