Starting a Workplace Giving Campaign

Many employers are examining how corporate philanthropy, including the workplace campaign, fits into their overall business and community strategy. They understand that the success of the business is in a large part due to the talent and dedication of a very diverse workforce as well as a strong reputation for community support.

We all understand that retaining the best talent is no longer just about salaries and traditional benefits. Additionally, opening new markets means embracing new approaches. Today's empowered employees are looking for much more. Feeling a connection with the local community and knowing that one's employer appreciates the value of that connection is vital.

Community Shares can help you and your employees identify and connect to causes they believe in. We appreciate the diversity within workplaces and can customize giving campaigns to meet specific corporate goals.

We can offer as little or as much support as you need to ensure a successful employee campaign and community connection. For more information contact our CEO Jeniece Jones at 513.475.0475 or