For over 20 years Community Shares has worked to resolve the root causes of social inequality and injustice affecting our region and our individual communities with collective action – ensuring a safe, equitable, and just future for our region. We do this by hosting workplace giving campaigns where employees make tax-deductible charitable donations to the cause of their choice.

We thank the Contemporary Arts Center community for joining other worksites across our region who support front-line nonprofits. Every year with their pledges, CAC employees help shape and build a stronger, inclusive, and healthier region beyond their center. One of our members EQUALITY OHIO recently awarded CAC as their “2018 Cincinnati Ally for Equality”!

Jim Obergefell announcing CAC as the 2018 Cincinnati Ally for Equality Honoree

WHAT is the campaign about? Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati is a proud partner of the CAC. We offer employees a unique donor choice model which connects your payroll deduction donation to the causes you care most about. This year’s theme, Kid in a Candy Shop, highlights how donors are like a “Kid in a Candy Shop”, you get to pick exactly where your money goes through a Community Shares campaign!

WHEN can I make a pledge? The CAC Workplace Giving Campaign starts September 4 and ends September 21.

HOW do I make a pledge? CAC employees can make their pledge by filling out the Community Shares Pledge Form. Please contact Lindsay Simmons if you have not received one. Once you designate your donation CAC will process your pledge for the 2019 payroll deduction. Donations are tax-deductible.

WHERE can I find out more about the causes I can support? Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati offers employees a choice of 30 local, nonprofit member organizations. Each undergoes a thorough application process in order to participate in our federation of charities. We offer “total choice” in giving, meaning you can also write in your favorite nonprofit and we will honor your designation. No other workplace giving program operates on a “total choice” model like Community Shares.