The Community Shares Annual Fund raises support to help sustain a strong financial base, ensuring continued success for local causes who are building a healthier, more inclusive Cincinnati.

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Community Shares extends a sincere THANK YOU to those who make contributions to support our on-going operations!

We proudly announce that Annette Pfund De-Cavel is serving as our 2018 Annual Fall Appeal Chair to help meet our goal of $65,000 by Dec. 31st, 2018. Pfund De-Cavel has connections to the Community Shares family through her long-time support of a number of charitable causes. She is an Account Executive at the Hilton Netherland and in 2003, along with her husband chef Jean-Robert, founded the DeCavel Family SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) Foundation that helps build awareness about SIDS. Annette invites you, the community, to join her in making a contribution to this year’s appeal. Our fundraising goal is $65,000 by Dec 31, 2018. 

“I’m honored to have been asked to be the Fall Appeal Chair. I’m a big believer in giving back to the community; what better way than doing so via Community Shares with all of their good causes!”

Community Shares staff, volunteers, and board leadership convene, connect, and serve as a conduit for forging solutions to some of the toughest issues facing the region. Our members are on the frontlines working on issues that include: affordable housing, trauma and abuse recovery, reproductive health care, the effects of mass incarceration, climate change, gender inequality, addiction, poverty, and animal welfare.

Donations provide sustaining support to Community Shares which makes possible our ability to support local non-profits who are improving the quality of life in Cincinnati neighborhoods and communities. Community Shares supporters appreciate being part of a network that is making Cincinnati a better place to live for everyone. They value being connected to the causes they care most about through their annual donations. Member organizations value their association with Community Shares as it helps them focus on their mission, receive unrestricted fundraising and capacity support, and gain opportunities to reach new donors and audiences who share their passion.