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Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati is uniquely positioned to help Miami University faculty and staff invest in the causes that matter most to you in our communities. We are our region’s only local federation of charities working on social change, environmental, and animal welfare causes. You may designate your gift to our overall work in these fields or you may choose a specific member organization to benefit directly from your gift. Donate here!

Over the past 23 years, we have carefully stewarded nearly $3 million to the causes about which our donors care the most. In the past year, the work our funding has supported at member organizations has included:

Ohio Justice and Policy Center works to improve an often unjust legal justice system, including securing the release of domestic violence victims incarcerated in Ohio, such as Mia Hunter, seen at left upon her release from prison after serving 14 years of a life sentence. Funded in part with Community Shares workplace campaign donations, OJPC took on her case under its Incarcerated Survivors of Domestic Violence project. Mia’s ex-boyfriend attacked her in her own home — raping her and strangling her to unconsciousness. When she came to, he continued beating her, even pouring hot sauce into her eyes. She was able to grab a knife and swing blindly at him, causing 22 superficial wounds but also striking an artery behind his knee, which caused him to bleed to death. Evidence of a pattern of abuse was not presented at trial and she was convicted of murder. In one of his final acts as governor, John Kasich granted Mia’s release from prison through clemency and she walked free in July 2019 after serving 14 years. “This is a miracle from God,” Mia said after her release. “Thank you, Mr. Kasich, for this second chance. Even though he doesn’t know me, he gave me my life back. And I’m not going to let him down.”
Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative began creating two childcare co-ops to address the shortage of quality early childhood care in the region. CUCI works to create family-supporting jobs and opportunities for marginalized people to build wealth through worker ownership. Another example of their impact is Zeke Coleman, at right, a worker-owner at the Our Harvest Cooperative, which receives funding from the Community Shares workplace campaigns, who said before he joined the co-op he worked for five years in a local food processing plant where he often trained new workers of other races who were promoted over him, as the company used reduction techniques against people of color to make work “terrible” for them. “Since joining Our Harvest, I am no longer stressed at work or discriminated against as a black man,” he said. “In fact, it’s the opposite. At OHC, I was just promoted to the Food Hub Coordinator position after 5 years within the packing, delivery, and sales operations there. The opportunities to learn new skills and receive training in a variety of jobs within the co-op prepared me to step up into the coordinator role. CUCI has helped us create our own family-sustaining jobs and learn important skills, like understanding the finances of our business and how to analyze key elements of our operations. They have also helped us create a culture of real, deep respect and cooperation. I feel so good about the people I work with.”
League of Animal Welfare is the area’s oldest no-kill animal shelter ensuring all dogs and cats have homes where they can thrive, last year adopting out nearly 900 pets and subsidizing more than 1,200 spay/neuter surgeries. Some of the animals in the past year that found forever homes with help from funding obtained through Community Shares’ workplace campaigns include: Gam, at left, who was found on a Kentucky farm with a BB lodged in her spine, rendering her back legs paralyzed. Although most vets recommended euthanasia, the League found a vet willing to remove the BB, which gave her use of her legs once again, and she was adopted into a loving home. Faye bounced in and out of the League’s shelter several times before finding her forever home. Despite her advanced age, her sparkly, bubbly personality charmed everyone she met. After appearing on a local TV morning show, a couple from Northern Kentucky made a special trip to the League and have gave her the loving home she deserved.
Cincinnati Permaculture Institute brings educational opportunities to the Greater Cincinnati area in permaculture, green building, and sustainable living. One project supported in part by Community Shares workplace giving is the management and expansion of public forage gardens throughout the city on public lands, turning low value property into sources of low-work fresh fruits and vegetables, addressing access for the poor to healthy food in low income neighborhoods and reconnecting people to the sources and seasonality of their food, all for free through good ecological forage garden designs. In the past year, they created the Evanston Forage Garden with assistance from another Community Shares member, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, turning a large parcel on Duck Creek Road at I-71 into a free source of food for local residents for years to come.
MUSE Cincinnati Women’s Choir began work on collaboration with the Contemporary Arts Center to record audio and video of pieces that embody different sounds of industry and factories to be included in a 2020 exhibit by Mexican artist Tania Candiani.
GLSEN Greater Cincinnati helped more than 450 LGBTQIA young people celebrate without fear at its annual prom and continued to mentor local schools’ gay-straight alliance organizations.
Equality Ohio fought for legal protections for LGBTQ+ Ohioans from employment and housing discrimination.
Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio continued providing vital health care to women and families throughout our region despite significant cuts in federal and state funding.
Transformations CDC continued fighting for the rights of immigrants in our communities, working directly with families, primarily from Mexico and Central America, to connect them to services they need and to advocate on their behalf.
And much more from these partners and our other member organizations.
Your gift makes this work possible. Please pledge today to commit to a payroll deduction, recurring credit card gift, or one-time investment to support vital changes to strengthen our region. Donate here!

Our new CEO, T. Duane Gordon, pictured at right in the documentary “Sweet MUMories” about the 50th anniversary of Miami University Middletown, was very involved with Miami University, especially the Middletown Campus of the Regionals, during his decade-long tenure as Executive Director of the Middletown Community Foundation. Now he leads the tri-state’s only charitable federation centered on improving social justice and equity in our communities including a focus on immigrants’ rights, LGBTQ+ issues, women’s empowerment, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, racial equity, affordable housing, and additional progressive causes.

Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati is a local federation of charities with 30 members. We are an affiliate of Community Shares USA, a national network across 14 states that connect, fund and raise awareness for community groups fighting for fairness, equality, and opportunities for all. You may designate your gift as general support to Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati or to directly benefit any of our below member organizations:

social justice pic 4Cincinnati Observatory Center is a working 19th-century observatory specializing in cutting-edge STEM education for K16 students and engaging science outreach to the public. 

Cincinnati Permaculture Institute brings educational opportunities to the Greater Cincinnati area in Permaculture, Green Building, and Sustainable Living.

Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative strives to create a Cincinnati economy with family supporting jobs, providing opportunities for marginalized people to build wealth through worker ownership.

Environmental Community Organization is a network dedicated to preserving the community and environmental health.

Equality Ohio advocates and educates to achieve fair treatment and equal opportunity for all Ohioans regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

enviro pic 1

First Step Home, Inc. provides holistic, gender-specific addictions and mental health services in a home-like environment that promotes healthy living and family strengthening.  

GLSEN Greater Cincinnati strives to assure that each member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. 

Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless is committed to the eradication of homelessness by coordinating services, education, and advocacy. 

Green Umbrella is the leading alliance working to maximize the environmental sustainability of Greater Cincinnati to be a top 10 metro area for sustainability by 2020. 

Health Resource Center of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. is a certified and accredited Nurse Managed Psychiatric and Medical Clinic providing indigent care for those who cannot access services at other agencies.  

Invest In Neighborhoods assists the 52 Cincinnati neighborhood councils with financial resources and works to promote self-sufficiency and leadership skills of the councils and their residents.

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful promotes beautification and litter prevention through environmental education and community engagement.  

League for Animal Welfare is the area’s oldest non-profit no-kill animal shelter and works to ensure all dogs and cats have homes where they can thrive mentally and physically.

League of Women Voters – Cincinnati Education Fund provides trusted nonpartisan information about voting and issues to citizens. They encourage informed and active participation in government.  

Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled (LADD) helps people with developmental disabilities realize their aspirations and independence through housing, employment, and residential services.  

Living With Change supports a commitment to fostering collaborative relationships on a local, national, and global scale with particular respect to sexual, romantic/emotional, and gender identities.

MUSE Cincinnati Women’s Choir is dedicated to musical excellence and social change by creating concert experiences that entertain, inspire, motivate, heal, and create a feeling of community with the audience.  

Ohio Justice and Policy Center creates fair, intelligent, redemptive criminal-justice systems through zealous client-centered advocacy, innovative policy reform, and cross-sector community education.  

Over-the-Rhine Community Housing works to build and sustain a diverse neighborhood that values/benefits low-income residents. They developed and manage a resident-centered, affordable housing that promotes inclusiveness.  

Parents for Public Schools of Greater Cincinnati empowers parents to become dynamic and informed partners with their school systems to work with school and community leaders to develop informed solutions to pressing problems.

Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region prevents unintended pregnancy and empowers individuals with the knowledge, opportunity, and freedom to make private decisions about reproductive and sexual health.  

Queen City Foundation improves educational opportunities and resources for greater Cincinnati’s talented minority scholars 4th – 12th grade.

The K.A.S.S.I.E. Project offers a non-traditional healing initiative for survivors of sexual & domestic violence. 

Transformations CDC works to build bridges to recovery, overcome the legacy of slavery, prejudice and racism, strengthen families, restore community, and nurture and support children.  

Tri-State Freethinkers provides community service and advocacy for equal rights and the separation of church and state. 

United Coalition for Animals (UCAN) provides professional, low-cost spay/neuter services to prevent the deaths of dogs and cats in Greater Cincinnati area shelters. 

ucan picUpSpring provides educational and enrichment programming, school resources, and specialized services to thousands of children and youth experiencing homelessness annually in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  

Winton Place Youth Center is a safe place for neighborhood children where they make positive contributions to the community, now–and as adults.  

Woman’s City Club engages all citizens in the shaping of our shared future through education, collaboration, empowerment, and engagement.  

Youth at the Center connects children, youth and young adults to leadership development opportunities that advance their personal and professional growth.


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