Welcome to the Community Shares “Perspectives on Poverty” Video Series.

This video series was in part inspired by Robert B. Reich (former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, and author of “Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few.”). His series of short videos help explain complex issues like the concept of “corporate welfare” as shown in the video below and why we must end it. Our video series models this idea; we brought in local experts to talk about poverty from their perspective in short videos, that are easy to understand.



Gavin DeVore Leonard, Executive Director of One Ohio Now, explains the affect of tax policy on income inequality and poverty, and how we can ensure an economy that works for all. Gavin helps provide the frame of our upcoming event “Poverty? There is Enough! A Poverty Un-Summit”, as he talks about how “there is enough” for the common good.


Steve Szeghi, Professor of Economics at Wilmington College, talks about how we got to such an extreme state of income inequality and poverty. He speaks on trade, the “race to the bottom”, livable wages, and privatization.


Sarah M. Stitzlein is Associate Professor of Education and Affiliated Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Cincinnati. Here she talks about poverty, and how “there is enough” in relation to public education. Her latest book, American Public Education and the Responsibility of Citizens, will be released in late 2016 and describes current problems in education and what citizens should do to help ameliorate them, educate children well, and preserve democracy.



David Singleton, Director of the Ohio Justice and Policy Center speaks on how the criminal justice system impacts and drives poverty. In this video David makes a direct challenge to the local corporate community.


Alice Skirtz has MSW and PhD degrees in social work and social policy and has more than 40 years of social work experience working with programs that serve poor people – homeless shelters, family services, emergency assistance, adult and child day care, and teen parent residential services. She is the author of “Econocide- Elimination of the Urban Poor”. In this video she speaks about the definition of the term “econocide”, how it is corporate-driven, and solutions to poverty that could be done “right away”.


Thomas A. Dutton is the Director of Miami University’s Center for Community Engagement in Over-the-Rhine. He speaks to the question, “How do we ensure families of low incomes have affordable housing?”, and challenges the notion of “mixed-income development”.


Bill Woods, Director of Applied Information Resources, Inc., and former Chair of Common Cause Ohio, speaks on the issue of the connection between the political process (democracy) and growing income inequality. Bill shares some history of local political reform efforts to get money out of politics.


Community Shares held an event back in September, 2016 that featured local experts on poverty issues. If you are interested in joining us to plan more forums like this one, please contact us at [email protected] 

Flyer for Poverty Un-Summit

Community Shares thanks Barbara Wolf for producing this video series.