Volunteer or Intern with Community Shares!

Community Shares values the people who give their time and talents to help our organization.

We have a a mission. That mission is that we build social and economic equity and a healthy environment in Greater Cincinnati. 

To achieve this mission, we rely on the help of generous and caring people. People who share our passion for equality and justice.

We have a vision. That vision is that Community Shares be widely recognized and respected as the leading catalyst in achieving social and economic equity and a healthy environment throughout the region.


We invite you – whether you be an individual, a group of friends, a student group, or any other gathering- to join us and volunteer your time.

Typical volunteer sessions last for 2-3 hours, and include stamping, labeling, and stuffing envelopes. We also will have other office support tasks available too!

Check back to this page for upcoming volunteer opportunities. Or, call us at 724-GIVE (4483) to find out when you can come in to help! Also, we typically post volunteer sessions on our Facebook page!


Partnering with Community Shares

We are always looking to build partnerships with local educational institutions to provide a unique learning environment devoted to our mission.

Contact us if you are interested in volunteer or internship opportunities for you, or your organization!