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What is Social Equity?

equity picWhat is Social Equity?

Social equity is making sure everyone has equal access to community resources and opportunities such as housing, medical treatment, education, policing, or transportation.

Unfortunately, there are many indicators that show Greater Cincinnati has a long way to go to reaching this goal.

A simple way to assess social equity in our communities and institutions is to ask these three simple questions:

√ Is there fairness and equal treatment?

√ Is there equal distribution of resources to reduce inequalities?

√ Are we creating equal opportunity through targeted initiatives, programs or services?

Organizations that work for social equity strive to help level the playing field for those who are at a disadvantage for any number of reasons such as poverty, discrimination, or disability.

While not guaranteeing equality of outcome, helping mitigate the effects of inequality through targeted social equity efforts, we can strive to ensure equality of opportunity.

How Our Members are Building Social Equity

●  Providing free legal services to those who cannot afford it, ensuring fairness for people with involvement in the criminal justice system

●  Helping students learn to speak up when they see bullying

●  Empowering parents and families to have a voice in their public schools

●  Providing access to cultural and educational opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach

We are grateful to our Member Organizations who are working to achieve social equity in Greater Cincinnati. Your donations to these organizations  supports the vision of a more just and equitable region for all.

Thank you!