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  • Economic Equity

About Community Shares

Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati – A network of 26 local nonprofits, we’re your hub for building stronger communities in the Greater Cincinnati area. We empower these local nonprofits through fundraising, grassroots activities, advocacy, research and public education. Together we work to bring love, compassion and change by addressing the social, economic and environmental challenges our communities face.

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Presenting the 2017 Community Shares

Member Organizations! 


What we do…

We help build relationships, community involvement, and citizen activism by connecting member groups, donors, and employers.

   Member Organization League of Women Voters Education Fund

We are a one-stop shop for social and environmental change; each of the non-profits we fund helps create lasting change through grassroots action and advocacy.

Member Organization ECO-Environmental Community Organization

We are unique: Community Shares’ giving model is based on choice – the donor’s choice.

Community Shares 2016 Pledge Form

We give people the tools to act together to affect change on a systems level; working to eliminate the social, economic, cultural, and political barriers that keep people from fully participating in society.

Member Organization Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless

We help to promote respect for the environment and its sustainability.

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Member Organization IMAGO


You can join us in supporting local social, economic, and environmental justice causes either as a donor, or by arranging giving through your workplace